The creation of an heirloom...

My artwork is inspired by vintage styles, glimpses out of cottage windows, and the delicateness of lush florals. Think of my art as heirloom pieces. Paintings you'll pass on for generations to come. When you look at my art, I want it to feel like home.

I grew up on lush farmland in a small Pennsylvania town with cows, chickens, and the most beautiful pastures. That's what makes me who I am, and it serves as the main source of my inspiration.

My heart is most fond of things that are old. Just like those old family heirloom pieces that hold a special place in your heart. Treasures that you can pass on and on and on. My goal is that you view my art as such... and one day, my painting will be that "old" piece that you and your loved ones cherish.

Sofie Swetter