This is Me ♥︎

This is Me ♥︎

Hi friends!

     As you all can probably figure out already, I'm Sofie, the artist behind all the paintings. I'm from a small town in the countryside of Pennsylvania where we get to experience the joys of all four seasons. It's currently autumn here, and the leaves are beaming with golden hues... the days are becoming shorter... and the temperature is dropping by the day. I think it's a beautiful thing to witness. 

     Earlier this year, my sweet guy and I moved into our first home. It's such a special season of life that we are absolutely cherishing. We love to be outside together whether it be a simple walk, fishing, or a tractor ride on his parent's farm. I often get away with dragging him to antique stores and picking up my FB marketplace finds... what a keeper! 

     Besides painting, I spend my Saturdays working at a local greenhouse and boutique store where I've been working for almost five years now. I get to utilize my creative side there by creating chalkboard art and designing the boutique displays. I find so much joy in creating beautiful spaces, and I get to do just that. Around Christmas time, we fill the store with over a dozen fully decorated trees. I'm so blessed that I get the opportunity to decorate them! Overall, I just love the work I do there. 

     As if running my own art business and working part-time wasn't enough already, I'm also still in college! I am currently on track to graduate next fall. I will then have my Bachelor of Business degree which will help to run my business as well as serve you all better.

     In my free time, my favorite thing to do is visit antique stores. I've always been drawn to things that are old. My favorite things to find are vintage gold frames, brass candlesticks, floral china plates. I have yet to find a vintage hand-sewn quilt... but that's on my bucket list for sure! There is just something so magical about having vintage things in your home. The pieces allow for more stories to be told and more memories to be made. 

     What else do you want to know about me? Leave me a comment or message me on Instagram!


With love,


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